Letztes Update:

To change the world

Every new technology must be human centric. “The telco industry has to read between the lines”, advises Martinez, “Where can you create value.”  “Look at what you already have – and then capitalize it!” And never forget the purpose.
Three things are crucial for Martinez:
  • Sustenance for the world
  • Everything has to be equitable
  • Everything around us has to function seamlessly
These three things together can really change the world.

Dr. Diana Mantel

Embrace disruption

Every little step leaves a bigger footprint. Martinez has been obsessed with connectivity ever since she learnt about nanoscience. “It will bring specific value to specific areas – and specific customers”, emphasizes Martinez. But data is delivered across different technologies, they all play together – even to explore space and to find new ways of energy. Data today is a product, and not as new as we think.

Storing information is something humanity has done forever; written on paper, on coins, on walls and stones.

“The internet of everything makes all kinds of information available”, explains Martinze. 5G will be the catalyst here. Data can help everyone, everywhere, especially with decision making. It can radically change the way we live – we mustn’t run away from disruption; we must embrace it. The same for transformation: We have to see it as a part of our lives.

Dr. Diana Mantel