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Guten Morgen!

Don’t worry: This event will be in English, besides it’s hybrid location is Munich: Some people will talk and inspire from here, many more will follow the event from screens all over the world. “We want this be an interactive session”, emphasizes Martin Willcox. So please: Download the app and use the many functions here, like the chat. Participate as active as possible. “We want to create the best possible digital version”, explains Willcox. Event if you cannot join us in the studio, you will have endless possibilities. 

Dr. Diana Mantel

The vision of connecting the world

Often things can only be seen fully by looking back – like the moment the internet was given to the public. Nobody could know what would become. Exploring and moving forward is part of our DNA, and driving us forward. For Martinez her own wish to explore became an important part for her whole life. One example is warchalking, where connectivity became a public statement. Telco's should recover their former visions, and learn to lead with their invisible infrastructures to connect everyone.

Dr. Diana Mantel