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A Tech Journalist Perspective

A Tech Journalist Perspective on the Trends in the European Digital Ecosystem

Our last session here at the Consumer Stage is a session of tech and venture journalists:
Miriam Schröder (startup reporter at Handelsblatt), Niklas Wirminghaus (editor of Capital), Alexander Langer (deputy editor-in-chief at Business Punk) are interviewed by Tilo Bonow from PIABO.

First topic to discuss is blockchain and crypto currency.
Niklas Wirminghaus has his doubts about crypto currency and the base technology of blockchain and how big the impact of this technology will be: „The advantage of blockchain over other database systems have not been that convincing to me.“

Alexander Langer takes another point of view: „People are talking about blockchain like it is the new internet“ but admits that he has not as much insights as Wirminghaus. „But I think it [blockchain] is going to be huge, everything is now moving into blockchain […] I think it’s too huge to not be an issue.“ 

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Paul Knecht