Letztes Update:

Our Call for Action and THANK YOU!!!

The 5th Asia Pacific Dialogue Platform for Anticipatory Humanitarian Action comes to an end and at a key moment building on the recent G7 commitments on anticipatory action and ahead of the UNFCCC COP26.

As a community, the participants of the Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform 2021 have designed the following ‘Call for Action’ ahead of COP26. The seven actions highlight the urgent need for our community to scale-up, work collectively, and ensure anticipatory action is at the forefront of both humanitarian and climate resilience efforts:
  1. Addressing Anticipatory Action is a key approach to manage the climate crisis.
  2. Strive for sustainable and government integrated Anticipatory Action approaches.
  3. Apply multi-risk lens to address compounding disasters.
  4. Expand flexible, coordinated and predictable financing to scale-up Anticipatory Action.
  5. Continue to gather collective evidence as to how Anticipatory Action meets the challenges of the climate crisis.
  6. Prioritise a socially inclusive and gender sensitive approaches to Anticipatory Action.
  7. Move towards conflict-sensitive Anticipatory Action approaches.

The Platform was nothing short of an exciting and inspiring event. We want to thank you all for your great contributions. Thank you very much, stay healthy see you soon!