Letztes Update:

Lean Coffee

The last two sessions are over. But don't worry, just grab a coffee and come to the Lean Coffee in room Upstream. Participants will form groups and then have the opportunity to formulate feedback and discuss their impressions of the #LKCE19 Conference.

Sebastian Schlenker

A broader perspective

Cliff Hazell explains how the three lenses of Systems, Science and Sapiens, help in gathering a broader perspective:
Systems: Visualize an end-to-end workflow. Start where you are. Zoom out, go left, go right. Which is the one priority for the company?
Science: Create an hypothesis and check the outcome to learn.
Sapient: Gardening as a metaphor for developing people.

Holger Tewis - scrumburg.com

If you can achieve your goals alone, you are probably not thinking big enough. Cliff Hazell 13:57