Letztes Update:

Before the Success

“After the game is before the game.” – Sepp Herberger

Isn't that quote also describing this event? And not only because after the event is before the next event - you have some great work lying behind you and surely some lying ahead. Be proud of yourself! And be curious what is going to come!

Thanks, Teradata, for this amazing kick-off!

Dr. Diana Mantel

The Live-Blog-Team says Goodbye

We hope you liked our broadcasting and commenting of Teradata's kick-off! This
live-blog will from now on be a documentation of this great event - are you curious who was behind this live-blog?

  • Mirja was the amazing photographer, and you surely have seen her running around catching the most impressing visual moments of this event; 
  • Patrick, the brilliant videographer, will be responsible for an image video of this event, you could already see some of his videos in the live-blog;
  • And me, Diana from storytile (the start-up behind the live-blog software), who was your reporter and commentator of this event. You probably saw me mostly at my laptop, writing and curating the live-blog for you! 

We hope you had fun with this live-blog, but as a team we also want to thank wonderful Alex Kory, who guided us and you through this exciting event.

Dr. Diana Mantel