Letztes Update:

"Freedom of Innovation"

Critical thinking and pro-active solution-oriented approaches are not promoted much in Myanmar. It is a culture of “going for what you know” instead of “go beyond of what you know”, emphasizing the save option always as being the better one. Little trust in own abilities remain with Myanmar’s citizens after years of the “Burmese way to socialism” with no economic freedom for the individuals to seek his own calling. As a result, Myanmar ranks low in international comparison: the Global Innovation Index 2015 shows a score of 20.30 (weakest = 0) and in the Ease of Doing Business Ranking Myanmar holds the positions 170 out of 190 countries. 

ADB Creativity Index reports that Myanmar sits third from bottom among Asian countries because the country does not have incentives for innovation and creative inputs to foster competitive business environment. 

The country lacks incentives for innovation and as a result, Myanmar’s economy is developing at a slow pace. FNF Myanmar believes that an atmosphere where every innovator can share their ideas and think out of the box should be created to promote new solutions and businesses to strengthen the economy. One of our projects it therefore directly responding to this demand: Since 2016 FNF Myanmar holds the Falling Walls Lab (FWL) competition annually. As part of the international Falling Walls Conference, FNF Myanmar has brought together different organizations to support a nurturing climate for innovation in Myanmar. We are thrilled to welcome 14 participants from various backgrounds – applicants from a medical university, a bank, a telecom organization and a youth empowerment opportunity organization amongst them – to be part of this years’ Falling Walls Lab on September 1st, 2018.

Cho Khinmaung