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Rehema Kivuti 36 – from Ruvu Jiungeni, Same District - Kilimanjaro Region

A victim of domestic violence was married in 1995 and in 2015 she run from her home because of domestic abuse. She left her 4 kids and the youngest was under 2 years, the husband did not allow her to take any of the kids because the Maasai culture does not give rights of ownership to women. –Kids are also considered as man’s property. Rehema is not allowed to see her kids, who unfortunately have been constantly absent from school and one of them has been completely removed from school so he can take care of the cattle that Rehema used to care for. Rehema is supported by FNF through KWIECO to get access to justice through the court - her kids and property that she acquires with the husband. The property includes 200 goats and 30 cows – in 1995 she found him with 1 cow and 3 goats – Women in Maaasai land are the ones who take care of animals. 
Rehema has been accused of going against their culture for taking this matter to court, because it is a taboo to speak about domestic violence in public. She decided to pursue this case because she wants her kids who are experiencing child labor and abuse… she wish her kids will get an education.  
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Veni Swai